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Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance & Inspection in Omaha

Keeping your flat roof in great shape helps prolong its life, but that can’t be done with out regular maintenance and inspection. From inspections following a major storm to routine maintenance jobs for a variety of roof types including rubber, TPO, hot asphalt, and modified bitumen, Professional Roofing is only a phone call away from finding the problem.


Long, cold winters or particularly hot summers can damage commercial roofs. Some of the more common areas to experience problems happen around protrusions in the roof, such as:

  • Vents
  • Standing air conditioning units
  • Pipes
  • Drains

These areas are susceptible to leaks when not taken care of or inspected on a more consistent basis. While a flat roof inspection isn’t necessary following every strong weather occurrence, a more regular maintenance schedule can help you avoid large problems down the road.


Following a routine inspection of the entire roof, Professional Roofing can accommodate a variety of maintenance requests over the years. Whether you need us to replace a seal around an old vent or between buildings, need pooling of water addressed with roof leveling, or you’ve noticed small leaks into your ceiling, we can quickly fix the problem.

No matter how big or small the job at hand, our team has the experience to perform any flat roof maintenance your building requires!


Each commercial roof brings it own challenges, and if small maintenance requests turn out to be larger problems, we can fix it. Professional Roofing is available to handle the flat roof repairs your business needs!


Are you in need of commercial roofing services in Omaha, Council Bluffs or surrounding areas? Give us a call or send us a quick message today! Our team is available to help you find the flat roof service that your business needs.

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